Wiki How To

Below you will find a variety of "Wiki How To"s to help answer questions you might have concerning working with wikis. If you don't find what you need, please contact your teacher and we will add it!

Creating an Account

  • Click "sign up" on the top right of page
  • Complete the requested information
  • Verify your email by opening the wikispaces email and following the link provided

Joining the Wiki

  • Click "sign in" on top right of page
  • Sign in
  • Go to the wiki you wish to join
  • Click "join this wiki" on top of left nav bar
  • Once your teacher approves your membership, you are a member!

Editing Wiki Pages

Proper Format Editing Wiki Pages

When visiting websites, it is easier to navigate throughout the site if there is consistency throughout the site. Imagine going to a site and having headers a variety of styles with no noticeable conformity page to page. It would be hard to know which sections are titles and which are subtitles. Just this one element would make it hard to skim through information to find facts. To aid in this, most collaborative site such as wikis use a Manual of Style, MoS, for the site. We have a basic MoS for this site HERE.

Error Editing Wiki Page

Did you edit your page and click save just to find out you messed up the page? Don't worry, you can easily revert back to a previously saved page by following these steps:
  • Go to the page you need to revert back to a previous time
  • Click the "History" tab next to discussions
  • Click the date and time of the page you want to revert
  • Look over it to make sure it is the correct version
  • Click "Revert to this Selection"

Wiki Discussion Boards

Discussion Board Etiquette

Keep in mind that there is different etiquette for discussion boards than there is for chat rooms at IMs. For the purpose of the Rocket Xtreme wiki, you will use semi formal responses for all discussion board activities. Semi formal generally consist of complete sentences and correct grammar. We understand that the discussion board within your team page, might tend to revert back to informal communication.