The following tutorials will help you while integrating various Rocket Xtreme components such as Google Sketch-up an Logger Pro. You can also use the discussion tab above to post questions on these elements.

Google Sketch-up

Google Sketch-up is a tool within Google that allows you to create 3D models. Below is a link to various "how-to" tutorials and concepts that you will see as you use and create with Google Sketch-up!

Video Tutorials for Google Sketch-Up

Here is a Google Sketchup tutorial to create a Bottle Rocket:

Logger Pro

Logger Pro is a tool you will use to analyze your rocket video. Use the video below to see how to import your rocket video, set the scale, and find the equation of best fit. This is a .mp4 file.

Additional pdf file:

To download Logger Pro to your computer, MHS students can use the following link
and the password provided by teacher.


Movie Maker

Create Screen-shot

For the Mac
1) Open what you want to screen shot
2) Hold down shift + command + 3
3) Your screen shot will appear on your desktop. It is a good idea to change the name of the picture because it is a common name by default such as "Picture1".

For the PC
1) Open what you want to screen shot.
2) Press "print screen"
3) Open paint or other program
4) Right click
5) Paste