Below you will find a link to your team page for collaborate between schools with team members. This is your team page to share information and discuss topics between team members. When you first go to your team's page, complete the following mini introduction:
  • Click your teams page below (Your teacher will give you your team #.)
  • Create a post on your team's discussion board (see discussion tab) which introduces your team members (ex: mhs-team 4-members as post title and list the team members as your post)
  • Create a second post for a list of team name ideas (ex.wphs-team 4-name ideas as post title and list a couple ideas as your post)
  • Create an individual post that introduces you to your other team members.
  • Read the other school's introduction to your other team members from their school.
  • Comment, discuss, ask questions. Remember to use @ sign if talking to one particular person, such as @Mary and then type your comment/question.
  • Team members from both schools will post name ideas and then as a group you need to narrow it down to your choice.
  • Post the selected team name on the top of your team page.
  • Optional: Create a team flag for each team at each school. Then post a picture or file of your flag. Each team would have two flags (one from each school) if everyone completes this activity. Flags can be created in Photoshop or with art supplies.

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