Rocket Blast: Introduction

Doug Garner
Rocket Blast Objectives´╗┐

TLW research rocket history using provided links and basic internet searches
TLW evaluate knowledge of rocket history through "You Sank My Rocketship" game
TLW identify the term "rocket" using provided links
TLW create a definition for the term "rocket"
TLW research *key rocket elements
TLW create a team page consisting of *key rocket elements
TLW identify the "new space race"
TLW apply rocket knowledge to rocket construction through heavy lifting rocket activity.

*Parts of a Rocket, Rocket Flight, Four Forces on Flight, Rocket Stability, Center of Gravity,


When you think of the term rocket, what pops in your mind? NASA, Sputnik, Apollo, or maybe even 4th of July bottle rockets! Today's space rockets are actually the result of more than 2,000 years of invention beginning with observation and inspiration which led to the research that laid the foundations for modern rocketry.

Of course you already know we have traveled in space and walked on the Moon, but did you know robot spacecrafts can already travel to stars? OR that they are currently working to build a permanent base on the Moon and later expand the human presence to Mars and beyond?

Ok, that stuff might be pretty cool, but how does this directly relate to me?

Rockets play an important role in your everyday life. Do you watch TV? Use a cell phone? Rockets deliver spacecraft and satellites to space. Without rockets, we wouldn't be able to predict the weather, watch many of our favorite television shows, or even use our cell phones!

As you go through Rocket Blast, you will not only learn about rockets but also interact with each other, test out theories, and relate rockets to real life. Rocket Blast is divided into four sections. Each section includes at least one activity which is typed in red. Make sure to complete each activity before progressing to the next stage. To begin, click the "Get Started" arrow below. To flip between sections, follow the "PREVIOUS HOME NEXT" links on the bottom of each page. To jump to a particular section, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

History of Rockets

What is a Rocket?

The New Space Race

Heavy Lifting Activity