"Law of Inertia"

An object at rest stays at rest.An object in motion remains in motion with the same speed and same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

The common experience of riding in a car provides some excellent examples of Newton's First Law in action.
Your car is at rest. Suddenly you push down on the "accelerator" and the car accelerates forward. You feel that you are pushed back into your seat.
Common Explanation:
"G Forces," caused by the acceleration, push you back into your seat.
Problems with the Common Explanation:
First of all, there is nothing pushing you back in your seat! (Acceleration is a concept, not an object, and only objects can push you.)
Correct Explanation:
You were at rest, so you remain at rest. The car accelerates forward, and you stay where you are.


Now that you have watched the brief introductary video on Newton's First Law of Motion. It's time to put his knoweldge to the test!!!

Activity One - Students will be able to (SWBAT):
1. State Newton's First Law of Motion
2. Explain their hypothesis based on their definition of Newton's First Law
3. Explain the outcome of their experiments based on Newton's First Law

Activity One

Newton's First Law of Motion Team Points:
1. As a team disucss how you would like to display Newton's First Law of Motion on your team page.
2. Be sure to select a picture that clearly displays your understanding of the law.

Keep in mind that more points will be awarded to those who clearly present a rationale for all items chosen. Remember, only one person at a time can edit the pag. Feel free to include team made videos via Movie Maker or iMovie, Podcasts, or personal videos.