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Minden High School is located in Minden, Louisiana a rural city in northern Louisiana. We are located in an area known as Sportsman Paradise. Our school is actually located on the edge of our historic district.

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Timeline of Minden High School

1850: The Minden Seminary for girls was organized by Reuben Drake and Charles Veedor. It was the first of its kind west of the Mississippi River. About this time, The Male Academy was founded under the leadership of John D. Watkins. 

1890: The Male Academy and the Female College were united, and the name was changed to Minden Normal and Business College. 

1897: The Webster Parish School Board voted to establish a central parish high school in Minden. A building was offered by the trustees of the college, and Minden's first public high school was organized. 

1907: The school was reorganized by Mr. C.A. Ives when he became principal. Among other things, public school music was taught for the first time. It was also during this year that the school first became a state approved high school. 

1910: A new building was constructed and used for both grammar and high school until 1924. 

1924: A new high school building was erected and the old building became the grammar school. With the addition of new courses, the school was soon able to boast a very rich and well-rounded curriculum. During the years of 1921 to 1927, the schools at Mims, Turner, Rocky Comfort, Rocky Ridge, Beech Springs, Antioch, Pine Grove, and Oak Grove were consolidated into Minden High School. 

1936: The first stadium, with a seating capacity of 350, was erected on the football field. 

1938: As the result of a building campaign begun in 1937, a new gymnasium was constructed. 

1939: After another subscription campaign, a new concrete stadium was constructed on the football field.
1946: Through the combined efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, the Civitan Club, and the City of Minden, funds were again raised and an addition to the football stadium stands on the east side increased seating capacity to 1200. 

1949: New elementary schools were completed, and the old grammar school building became the junior high school. 

1954: A new high school building was constructed. Junior high grades were moved to the old high school building and the old junior high school building was demolished.
1955: A new football stadium was built for Minden High School. The new stadium increased the approximate seating capacity from 3,000 to 5,000.
1956: A new cinder track was constructed. 

1960: A new junior high school was constructed, and the girls' gymnasium was remodeled. Stands were erected on the track field. 

1963: The football team was the undefeated AA State Champions. 

1971: Hosted the State Student Council Convention. 

1972: Renovations were made to the old building. MHS won the AAA State Championship in baseball. 

1974: Webster High School, with a rich academic and the athletic history, was consolidated with Minden High School. The class of 1975 became the largest graduating class in the history of Minden High School with 248 graduates. 

1975: Additions were made including a new library, covered with walkways, air-conditioning, all-weather track, tennis courts, and computer labs. The ninth grade went to Webster Junior High with Minden High maintaining tenth through twelfth. 

1979: Key Club was formed and the golf team went to the state playoffs. 

1980: The football team won the AAA State Championship. 

1981: The first annual Webster Parish Special Olympics was held at Minden High School, the yearbook staff earned course credit for working on The Grig, the Louisi-Annes became the Official Goodwill Ambassadors of Louisiana, and the support group Red Wave was formed. Minden High School baseball team won the AAA State Championship. 

1982: New sidewalks were added. The Minden High School baseball team won back-to-back AAA State Championship. 

1987: The ninth grade returned to Minden High School. 

1992: The Student Council sponsored the Special Olympics. 

1995: A new football scoreboard was purchased. 

1996: The modified block schedule was introduced, and the water sprinkler system for the football and practice fields were added. 

1997: The Louisi-Annes won the National Novice team title. 

1999: The 4x4 block schedule was introduced, one 50-minute lunch break was implemented, and ROTC color guard was added, and landscaping was done. 

2000: The basketball and baseball teams won district championships, identification badges were introduced, campus security was added, the quiz bowl team and science fair participants won the parish championships, new trophy cases were added, and new uniforms were purchased for the band. 

2001: In-school detention known as T.E.S.S. was added, the first annual field day was sponsored, T.E.A.M. meeting began, and the bond issue for a new school was voted on by the public and failed. 

2002: Student uniforms became mandatory, a September 11th Memorial was added, and study skills class was made mandatory for all freshmen. The Option Three program was implemented for students wishing to pursue the GED and a trade skill. 

2003: Minden School District approved a bond issue to construct a new classroom building, new cafeteria, new gym, and make a major renovations at MHS. 

2007: Minden High moves into Phase 1 of new construction.
2008: Minden High completes Phase 2 of the new construction and begins a Freshman Academy
2010: Minden High School incorporated an ROTC program and roll mart was added for the students to enjoy.

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Recent MHS Activity

Over the years, MInden High School has participated in many
community service projects to raise community awareness
for many issues. We've raised thousands of dollars for individuals
and groups, as well as other schools. In this picture, you'll notice it says
"Hannah!" This was one project Minden High participated in to raise money
for a first grade girl at a Catholic School. She is wheel-chair bound and all
of her classes for the following year would be upstairs. $150,000 was
needed for the completion of the elevator and Minden High raised $1,400
through the sales of hands (Hannah! is made of hands) and a rummage sale
made up of donations made by Minden High students.


Other projects for this year include the following:

Blood Drive
Coats for Kids (200 coats)
Coins for Callen
Make a Difference Scholarship
McClinton Classic ($1000)
St. Jude 90 Min Fundraiser ($6,000)
Tiders for Tots

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