It is time to apply what you have learned! Let's get started;) For this project, you might not proceed in exact order because more than one student can be working at a time on different stages such as movie and rocket construction.

bottle_rocket_f.jpgFinal Project Objectives

TLW apply key math and science concepts learned through Rocket Xtreme to the design and construction of a bottle rocket.
TLW design a bottle rocket using math and science concepts.
TLW create a 3D model of the bottle rocket design using Google Sketchup.
TLW export 3D image to their computer.
TLW construct their rocket using materials provided in classroom and those brought from home.
TLW record rocket flight using a Flip video camera.
TLW analyze rocket flight using Logger Pro Software.
TLW import video into Logger Pro Software.
TLW set axis, scale, points of flight in video using Logger Pro.
TLW determine equation of best fit using Logger Pro Software.
TLW create screen-shot of analyzed flight in Logger Pro (x/y chart, graph, video).
TLW create a video using iMovie or Window's Movie Maker which summarizes the entire Rocket Xtreme experience.

1. Design a rocket

Design a rocket using a 2-liter bottle and the following resources:

Knowledge gained through Rocket Xtreme activities
R2K Rocket 2000 sample construction manual

Here is the blog from last summer for the camp MHS attended:

All rockets must be created using at least one 2-liter bottle. A nose cone must be included and remain attached during the full flight. A parachute must successfully deploy. A variety of materials other than those provided by your teacher can be used such as the following typical household items: plastic bags, cardboard, paper towel rolls, etc.

Before you finalize your design, you might want to test aspects of it using a flight simulator at
Using this simulator, you can test pressure, size and location of fins, water amounts, etc.

2. Create a 3D Model

Create a 3D model of the rocket design using Google Sketchup.

Tutorials are found on the Tech Connect Page.

3. Construct the Rocket

4. Record Rocket Flight

Use a flip cam or other video recorder to record the entire flight of your rocket. You will want to make sure you are far enough back to capture the full view from one location. You CAN NOT pan or move the camera in any way once the flight has begun. You do not want the rocket to go out of range. If it goes out of range, you can only count what stays in frame.

5. Analyze Rocket Flight

Import your flight video into Logger Pro. Set the scale of the video, X and Y axis, and points of flight. See the tutorial on the Tech Connect page. Find the height of your flight and the equation of best fit. Take a screen shot to include in your movie.

6. Create Movie

Create a Team movie that summarizes the entire Rocket Xtreme unit. Include facts as well as your team activity pictures and/or video. Make sure to include your rocket, 3D model, as well as your Logger Pro screen shot in your movie. See the tutorials on the Tech Connect page.