Additional Rocket Resources

History of Rockets Jig-Saw:
In order to gain a deeper understanding of the History of Rockets, we took each component of the article from NASA and pulled out the key pieces of information to share with everyone. This activity was done in a Jig-Saw fashion in which each group was given a particular area within the article to focus on, analyze, and share findings. Below are the powerpoints for each section.

[[file/view/Brief History of Rockets.pptx|Brief History of Rockets.pptx]]
[[file/view/Rocketry Becomes a Science.pptx|Rocketry Becomes a Science.pptx]]
[[file/view/Modern Rocketry Begins.pptx|Modern Rocketry Begins.pptx]]

Rocket interactive Timelines:
Check out the interactive timelines of Rocket History:

Rockets in Ancient Times (100 B.C.-17th Century)

Rockets for Warfar 18-19th Century:

Rockets Enter 20th Century (Early - to Mid 20th Century)

Rockets in Science Fiction

Rockets as Inventions Late 19th Century

Rockets in the Army (1950's)