Activity One: Introduction to the Space Age and Wiki

Watch October Sky including the commentary.
Introduction to Rocket Xtreme Wiki
Join Rocket Xtreme see Wiki How To
Complete the Rocket Boys Activities part one, two, and three

Activity Two: Introduction of Schools

Create a wiki page to introduce your school. You can even integrate web 2.0 resources by embedding into the wiki page for your school. Remember only one student at a time can be editing the page;)
Click Here for White Plains New York High School Page
Click Here for Minden High School Page

Activity Three: Go Team

Break into groups of three according to your teacher's directions.
Receive Team #
Visit the team page and follow the link to your team's page
Complete the mini introduction activity found on the team page on your team's page. (in red)

Activity Four: Rocket Blast

Rockets play an important role in your everyday life. Do you watch TV? Use a cell phone? Rockets deliver spacecraft and satellites to space. Without rockets, we wouldn't be able to predict the weather, watch many of our favorite television shows, or even use our cell phones!

As you go through //Rocket Blast//, you will not only learn about rockets but also interact with each other, test out theories, and relate rockets to real life. Rocket Blast is divided into four sections. Each section includes at least one activity which is typed in red. Make sure to complete each activity before progressing to the next stage.

Activity Five: Newton's 3

In this section, you will gain an understanding of the physics behind motion, force, acceleration and rocketry. Newton's 3 contains sections on the famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton and the founding of his three laws of motion.

Within each section, you will be able to participate in various activities that pertain to each law. Each section has explicit instructions and materials necessary to complete the activities.

Activity Six: Tech Connect

For Activity Seven: Rockets, you will need to integrate various technology components. Go to the Tech Connect page and look at the technology components such as iMovie OR Movie Maker and Logger Pro. Review at least one tutorial for creating movies, using Google Sketchup, as well as the video for Logger Pro.

Activity Seven: Rockets

It's time to make ROCKETS:) For this last activity you will apply what you have learned during Rocket Xtreme. Go to the Final Project page for step-by-step directions and resources. An overview is that you will complete the following:
1) Create a team rocket out of 2-liter bottles which includes a nose cone with parachute for safe landing. See rocket booklet.
2) Replicate the team rocket using 3D software, Google Sketch-up
3) Analyze flight using Logger Pro including maximum height and equation of best fit
4) Summarize Rocket Xtreme in a team video which includes various activites, 3D Sketch-up, Logger Pro screen-shot, and flight video.